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This is my first time selling something, it's an Uchiwa; Kikuchi Fuma Japan Tour Uchiwa.


I wanted to have it on hands before putting a price but I think that 800 yens (and shipping apart) is a good price because the uchiwa is in great condition. The plastic bag it's the original one, but it's a bit bend. (just the pastic bag).
I took a few photos but if someone wants more you can send me a dm or leave a message and I will take more pics so you can see the condition.
I've got it in the box it came and with lost (really, lots) of bubble plastic so I hope it will be okey till somebody wants it.

I've got no experience as a seller but I will try my best so the buyer is confortable and so!

I would ship it from Spain (or on hand if you are from my city or near) and I would ask payment via Paypal Only. (paypal fees are paid by the buyer or via friends and family). I will try to ship it as a letter and not a package as the price is a lot more cheap (and a bit more slow maybe...) unless the buyer wants to pay a private shipping. BUYER PAYS SHIPPING. Shipping would be in euros, but if the buyer prefers to make just one payment I will ask it in euros and I will convert the uchiwa price. SHIPPING WORLD WIDE.

If you've got any question feel free to ask!
I really want this uchiwa to find a nive house so I would be glad if someone buyes it.

I think that's all the info I had to write!

sato shori

Collection goods♥


I'm so happy that today I got my 2 packages which were full of Sexy ZOne goods and a Buono! T-shirt!
So I have finally completed the old uchiwa and clearfile collection (I still have to buy the newest ones but that's already on my mind) of Shori. I just collect Shori's solo goods unless I can get the group ones for a good price or pack... as this time happened.

So... what did it came?
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UCHIWAS [Maybe selling a Fuuma one]


I'm soo happy! Today I was able to win (finally) my favourite Shori Uchiwa in an auction! I WON FIRST CONCERT UCHIWA YEAH (let's not talk about the price...)
I had to fight for it because some other person wanted it but... I waited till less than one minute before the auction ending and... I put I higher price and won. I had lost this uchiwa like.... 15 times so finally I will have it. *-------* I love that uchiwa so muuuuch *cries of joy*

Well, but the thing is that it was an uchiwa's set. So it was Shori's first con uchiwa, Sexy Zone uchiwa from Johnny's World and Fuma Uchiwa from Japan Tour. I wanted a group uchiwa so I will keep that one too. I'M THINKING OF SELLING THE FUMA UCHIWA WHEN IT GETS TO ME.


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Sexy Zone's 6th Single [King & Queen & Joker]


Yep SZ new single is on the way~
I'm really happy about the news because I didn't expect a new single so soon, as the album has "just" been released and they are doing a Concert Tour, but then I think we will get some previews during these first performances :D

I already posted the info on tumblr, but I don't usually give my opinion there (well I do in the tags XD) so I wanted to express how I feel about it, because I don't feel good about everything with this release.

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Handmade Uchiwa♥


I'm super happy I got to do a handmade uchiwa!
I had always wanted to do one, but as I couldn't find the materials I couldn't do it... BUT this Sunday I went to an Idol Festival and they were selling them (and helped if needed) so I bought 2 (because I've got so many ideas XD) and I choose the colors. :D

So... here Is how I made it^^
First there's the black uchiwa. (there was white too but I liked black more)
Here are the papers I choose. It's a lot more bright in reality, and even I don'tlike pink very much it looks cute. That yeallow is perfection XD They have glue on the back, so it can be pasted really easily.
Now it was time to make the characters, cut them and make the first idea of how we want the uchiwa. When writing them in the papers it has to be done backwaard.
Then the characters have to get glued to the other color.
I cut the yellow one too. It was a bit over the borders of the uchiwa so I ended up cutting them too.
Finaly pasted the letters to the uchiwa and... DONE.

Well, it's not totally done because I plan to put some more things but not yet... maybe when I find some materials... yeah... this way it's preatty boring....
I'm really sorry about my english 'cause these days I've been doing really bad at it XD

Well and that's all~

sato shori

Help with missing photos, please♥


I just want to ask for help, well, it's more like if you see someone selling one of the following photos I'm missing it would be great if you could tell me^^

The one with a green cross are the ones I have. So the ones with a red circle are the ones I'm missing... *sobs over those photos*

1st Concert Live Photos
1st Concert Live Photos

Arena Concert LIve Photos
Arena Concert Live Photos

I will be uploading them when I get them all^^
It may be a bit late but... jajajaja I'm not fast when completing collections... T---T

I'm missing all JW live photos, not stage photosets as one of them is the only I'm missing but it should be on the way to my home, and all JW OFF-SHOTS.
Also, SUMMARY OFF SHOTS and LIVE PHOTOS, all of them.
And last, Shori's Junior Photos and THE J CORNER PICS.